Massage Services

Massage Services

We’re here to help you unwind, take some time out and treat yourself to some relaxation.

Massage is beneficial to everyone, busy mums always on the go, those with physically demanding jobs, gym goers or working professionals stuck at their desks all day.

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Main Massage

A massage treatment is perfect for anyone experiencing muscular tightness or soreness due to the stress of daily living (mental and physical).

Massage therapy is a form of manual therapy that involves a blend of tissue compression, stretching, and toning. Massage is a fantastic tool to calm the nervous system and assist circulation in order to help maintain peak bodily performance, support the healing of injuries and combat the stresses placed on the body during daily life and training.

What to expect during your Massage appointment

We assess your specific needs and offer individualised therapeutic, clinical and relaxation massage including a variety of techniques designed to relieve stress and muscular tension.

    • A holistic approach, taking into account your body as a whole
    • A focus on understanding the demands of your lifestyle/work/sport and how they impact your body biomechanically and emotionally.
    • A focus on understanding your past or current injuries and advising on the best plan of treatment.
    • Appropriate advice and specific evidence based treatment.
    • An explanation of our findings, logic and rationale to ensure you have a better understanding of what is going on in your body.

    Massage is performed by our Sports therapist who will individually tailor each treatment to you and provide advice and home exercises where appropriate to assist you in reducing the future build up of muscle tension and tightness.

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    Benefits of Massage

    • Helps address muscular soreness and niggling injuries from life, work or sporting demands.
    • Emotional and psychological stress relief for the mind.
    • Alleviates physical stress.
    • Complements other therapies, treatment and rehabilitation.
    • Can assist with a variety of complaints including sleep disorders, anxiety and digestive issues.
    • Promotes and improves muscle recovery, flexibility, muscular activation, physical fitness and mental awareness.
    • Reduces rehabilitation times.
    • Enhances the healing process (e.g. reduces swelling, bruising, cramping and spasms).
    • Enhances performance, health and well-being.
    • Improves range of motion, flexibility and muscle tone

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    More information

    Our Sports therapists are highly qualified and fully insured.

    Sports Therapy is a distinct occupational title that applies to a clearly defined scope of practice. Furthermore, since 1990, The Society of Sports Therapists has continually striven to ensure that its members are at the forefront of this rapidly increasing profession; academically, professionally, and practically.


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    Massage Services

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